Day Trip to Panormitis and Simi island from Kamiros Skala
If you wish to visit Simi at your own pace, without having to spend hours travelling on traditional vessels, we can offer you a speedy way to this island. This will allow for extra time to enjoy Simi and its lovely beaches, most of which are only accessible by boat. Discover and enjoy the BLUE NATURE of Simi on our unique sea routes. Nobody can guide you better than us, combining adventure, education, recreation and sheer pleasure. 

The excursion starts from Kamiros Skala at 10:00’. Once aboard M/Y BLUNATURA, we set out to Panormitis on what is a less-than-an-hour crossing.

Panormitis (a local reference to Archangel Michael) is a very famous Greek Orthodox monastery, particularly popular with believers who flock in by the thousands to profess their faith to the saint and plea for his assistance. The saint’s holy icon, ornamented in silver, represents the Archangel donning armour and brandishing a sword like, a winged warrior. Created in Renaissance style, this icon mesmerizes visitors from all over the world who more often than not give in to a spell of devoutness. Also worth mentioning, is the imposing belfry in baroque-rococo style, considered to be one of the most beautiful of its kind in the Aegean Archipelago. The monastery also features a unique black and white pebbled-paved courtyard, a wood carved temple and two museums.

Upon leaving Panormitis, we sail all along  the east coast line of Simi, to contemplate the beauty of the steep cliffs dropping down to the deep blue sea, the incredible colour and the clarity of the Aegean Sea Waters, certain to entice you. While sailing, you will also feel the wonderful aromatic herbs coming down from the cliffs. 
We have chosen the best beach, for you to swim and relax for a while, before sailing to the harbour of Simi. Once there, expect to be enchanted by the beauty of the landscape, the renovated mansions, the deep blue colour of the sea and the frugal green, all masterfully arranged  on this small rocky island bathing in the waters of the Aegean Sea. Simi is a rich and proud island, invariably enticing visitors by its glamour and nobility. 

You will spend an hour or so exploring the island, have a go at the traditional Simi shrimps and other traditional food, before starting on the journey back, your cameras and minds loaded with unique pictures, yours to keep for the rest of your life.

We estimate to be back at 17:00’. The M/Y BLUNATURA is pleasant for travelling to Simi & Panormitis at a wind force less of a max. 5 on the Beaufort scale. 
(Total trip: 52 Nautical Miles).