Marine Fish Farm
NIMOS S.A. is the fish farm company, established in the year 1998 on the island of Makri, off the coast of Chalki island. The 46 marine floating cages accommodate something like 8 million of marine fish that are daily fed and properly husbanded to reach 14 months after the marketable size to be harvested. 2.000 tons of outstanding quality sea bream and sea bass are produced and exported all over the world, every year.  

Fish are managed by a scientific team of marine biologists who take care of all the needed parameters to maintain the fish health and proper growth caring for their healthy and environmentally respectful business.

The 80.000 square meters of sea land occupied by the fish farm installations are off-limits for fishing. Therefore a vast amount of wild fish are swimming all around the cages creating the ambience of a natural marine park. Here you can see thousands of fish of many species that come to get food and protection from their predators.  

When the fish are ready for harvesting, SIMI FISH II boat transport them in insulated bins to the Kamiros Skala from where they are shipped to the packing station of Kritinia to be properly rinsed, weighted, sorted and packed in polystyrene boxes before they are ready to travel, finding their way to practically every supermarket or fish markets, throughout Europe.

Sea bream and sea bass have come to be a very popular, good quality sea food for humans, all the more when originating from an extremely clean environment like those of Rhodes and Chalki.