Welcome to Blunatura
BLUNATURA Marine Park proposes an alternative to conventional tourism and marine activities, combining unique sea outings on a high-speed inflatable boat, excursions featuring educational and recreational activities, promenades and marine safaris along the west sea-side zone and around various islets off the coasts of Rhodes and Diving Lessons for those anxious to explore the underwater nature. Our philosophy is to acquaint you with BLUE NATURE and have you explore with us the marine life of Rhodes and the nearby islands.
Be it a teenager or a sprightly person in one’s 80s, a man or a woman, a martial arts athlete or an office clerk, BLUNATURA is in a position to develop a unique program of marine outings for everyone, customized to the circumstances of you and your friend, priming stimulation or relaxation according to your preferences.
Our experienced crew will arouse your emotions through a hospitable Greek tour around the marine environment with memories to bring back home and cherish for the rest of your life. You will be asked to try all those small traditional flavours that nature in the area has been generously offering us humans, with all of your senses alerted to live your myth in Greece, with us. 
We combine Blue Nature, the landscape of the unique small Greek islands we shall be visiting, with our great history and culture, for you to discover. Let  your mind travel in the past. See, hear, feel and enjoy the sea in lovely places we visit before you have a taste of some of the most delectable Greek delicacies, Greek hospitality and other values of Greek life.
Ask to learn more about BLUNATURA’S activities and services and come to experience the magic of the marine world! Welcome!