About us
A group of passionate people created the BLUNATURA company, anxious to share with you their experiences with the underwater environment of Rhodes and the nearby islands. Consisting of marine biologists, diving trainers and seamen with long and as varied experience of relevant activities and perfectly acquainted with the wider area, our team is looking forward to introducing you to an unforgettable experience. 

We are also shareholders in the Marine Fish Farm of NIMOS S.A. and BLUTOPIA MARINE PARK scuba diving facility. These are all interrelated activities that may be combined to provide you with broad knowledge as well as entertainment. 
We are also participating in the exploration of the marine environment of Rhodes, as well as in the research on specific marine species, such as sperm wales, dolphins, shrimps, fish and molluscs, as well as on some exotic émigrés found in our sea. The outcomes of such research we make a point of sharing with our visitors as they are guided through the natural environment of these species.
Such unique features of our team, together with our Greek hospitality and attitude towards life, will be the best gift we may offer you to make of your vacation a valuable investment of your life’s experiences.